Artist, curator and editor.
Born in Zlín, Czech Republic, living in Stockholm, Sweden.
Creative director at Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, founder of Flat Octopus, network coordinator of AIM Network.

I am a painter and work predominantly with oil paint, and watercolour for smaller sketches.

My main focus is the human body in its contrasts and (mis)interpretations. I am fascinated by the body’s forms; the curves, the fat, the muscles, the colour and texture of the flesh. I work with life models and find one-on-one individual sessions the most intriguing for their intimacy and getting to know the model closely. I like both the more direct approach of painting alla prima, which captures the moment and the fleeting mood of my models with ease, and the traditional glazing technique, which demands time and several sessions. 

The content of my works takes inspiration from my personal experience, poetry, literature and the surreal.

I do not like highbrow titles for my art pieces and I do not want people to need to google up what my words mean. Neither do I want the title of the work to come before the artwork, and influence how people interpret it. Often, for this reason, my artworks remain untitled.

On the side, I write a lot of poetry.

2015 – 2017 MA Curating Art, University of Stockholm, SE
2016 – 2017 Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, SE
2010 – 2014 BA (Hons) Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, UK
2012 – 2013 Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, ES
2005 – 2009 Maturita, Gymnázium Zlín Lesní čtvrť, Zlín, CZ

Selected exhibitions
2019 30 + 20 = Fusion, Process – Space Art Festival & Art Symposium Lomea, BG
2019 Works on paper, AIM Plovdiv 2019, Plovdiv, BG
2019 From the Other Side, hangmenProjects, Stockholm, SE
2018 Veronika and Other Bodies, Elektrozavod, Moscow, RU
2017 Their first time with Tomte, Stockholm, SE
2017 Red Salt artist run Arty Party, Stockholm SE
2017 PALS Speed Dating, Supermarket 2017, Stockholm, SE
2017 Artarctica festival, Helsinki, FI
2016 Pech I Proznia, Poznan, PL
2016 Perfonauci #2, Galleria Raczej, Poznan, PL
2016 Perfonauci #1, Galleria Raczej, Poznan, PL
2016 Hudnära, Skarpnäck Kulturhuset, Stockholm, SE
2015 Shares: Game, Platform Stockholm, SE
2015 Dark Barn 2015, Kladná Žilín, CZ
2015 BCCA Micro-residency, Blairgowrie, UK
2014 Art Rooms Closing Event, Black Cube Collective & Cockenzie House Gardens, UK
2014 Degree Show, DJCAD, Dundee, UK
2014 Dainty Rogues in Porcelain (group exhibition), DJCAD, Dundee, UK
2014 Translations (group exhibition), Generator Projects, Dundee, UK
2013 The Undesirable: Heatfield Carpark Exhibition (collective), Dundee, UK

Curatorial projects
2019 Louise Sparre, Interpersonal Sphere, Flat Octopus, Stockholm, SE
2018 PALS as part of ‘History will be kind to me for I intend to perform it’, Stockholm, Se
2017 Decentralized Identity, Umeå – Ústí nad Labem, CZ-SE
2016 Per Forma: Transition and Identity, Stockholm, SE
2016 PALS Performance Art Festival, Stockholm, SE
2015 Shares: Game, Platform Stockholm, SE
2015 Dark Barn 2015, Kladná Žilín, CZ

Projects, workshops and commissions
2019 Croquis workshops, Flat Octopus, Stockholm, SE
2015 SMart Stretch & Active Bread Exchange, Huntly, UK
2014 Performer for ‘Alfabetarij’ by Lada Wilson, Dundee, UK
2013 Performer for ‘Le cerveau affameé’ by Georgina Starr, Dundee, UK
2012 Dick O’Brass, Booklet Artwork for ‘Noční hlídka’, Czech Republic
2011 European Strategist, Logo Design

2019 Research residency, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter, Aarhus, DK
2018 Elektrozavod gallery, Moscow, RU
2017 Transfer North Critical Curatorial Writing Residency, Murmansk, RU
2017 Artarctica residency, Helsinki, FI
2016 Young Curators and Art Operators Network (Intercult), Arkhangelsk, RU
2016 Perfonauci Residency, Galleria Raczej, Poznan, PL
2015 BCCA Micro-residency, Blairgowrie, UK
2014 Art Rooms, Black Cube Collective & Cockenzie House Gardens, UK

Jury and Committees
2017 Jury committee, Capture the Moment, Galleri Norrsken, Stockholm, SE

Work Experience
2019 – present Founder, Flat Octopus, Stockholm, SE
2018 – present Creative director, Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Stockhom, SE
2017 – present Network coordinator, AIM Network
2017 – present Board member, Art, Culture & Society, Stockholm, SE
2016 – present Co-organiser, Performance Art Links Stockholm, SE
2015 – present Editor for Arts & Culture, The European Strategist
2016 – 2018 Project manager, Project coordinator, Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Stockhom, SE
2016 PNP Programme Coordinator, Supermarket Art Fair, SE
2016 Tour Guide, Index, Stockholm, SE
2015 Photographer, PALS, Stockholm, SE
2015 Photographer, Beyond the Obvious, Culture Action Europe, Goteborg, SE
2015 Project Intern, Deveron Arts, Huntly, UK
2013 – 2014 Photographer, Letme Investment Ltd., Dundee, UK

Awards & Courses
2017 Transfer North CCW Residency, Murmansk, RU
2014 Preselected for the Society of Scottish Artists 2014 Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK
2011 Armistead Bursary for academic excellence, University of Dundee, UK
2010 Zurab Tsereteli Painting Masterclass, Moscow, RU


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